The IDEAS VISION’S – ALTERNATIVE VISION AWARD DESIGN CONTEST will be administered by the following rules which all participants must observe to avoid disqualification:


• Individual Product Designers
• Product Engineers
• Scientists & Researchers
• Design Studios
• Environmentalists
• Product engineers
• Multi-disciplinary creatives
• Environmental Enthusiasts


• Ideas Vision Staff and their family.
• Members of the Jury and their family.
• Designers / Studios whose staff  or colleague is a member of the judging panel.
• Individuals working for or directly associated with organisation of the Award.
• Staff or anyone associated with managing of The Concept Space.



1.1. This competition is organised and administered by the Ideas Vision Award part of PIXZZART UK Limited registered in England and Wales (the “AWARD”).
1.2. A single entry fees per design concept per entry.
1.3. A entrants may make more than one entry or concept but each will have to be made as a separate entry with unique registration number. However, will only be eligible for a single prize.
1.4. Entrants must adhere the contest schedule dates, process and fees.
1.5. Entrants must respect all the instructions regarding all materials required.
1.6. Entrants can be from any country.
1.7. All the contest documentation will be available in digital format.

2.1. In order to be eligible to enter the AWARD all entrants must, on the date of Entry submission, must be at least 18 years of age and satisfy the eligibility list.
2.2. Contest excludes employees or agents or representatives of the AWARD, Pixzzart UK Limited and their immediate families.

3.1. In order to enter the AWARD, entrants shall send their design concept (“Concept”) via email or upload facility if available on the Website (an “Entry”).
3.2. Submitted design must not have been previously entered into another contest or awards.
3.3. Work submission can only be attributed to a single individual or under a single / studio team.
3.4. Entries submitted after the deadline date or without payment would not be accepted.
3.5. Designs that promote hate may not be entered into the contest.
3.6. All competitors are required to submit an image or board of their chosen design concept with file named after the transaction ID.
3.7. Entries which do not meet or comply with the submission guidelines or found to contain identifying sign or mark that may, in any way, contribute to identifying entrant shall be disqualified and the Award shall be under no obligation to notify the entrant of their disqualification.
3.8. Entrant are prohibited from sale, assignment or transfer of any of their entry rights a third party.
3.9. Entrants may either make a entry individually or as a team and must be submitted anonymously. All submitted with the unique registration number as name of the file in jpg format (jpeg) and with No watermarks.

4.1. The Website will open for entries from 20 June 2019 and close on 05 September 2019 at 11.59 GMT. The AWARD is not responsible for and will not accept any Entry received after this time.
4.2. The Jury’s decision is and will remain final. No correspondence will be entered into. All scoring will remain confidential.
4.3. Association with any of the contest judges do not imply any legal association, affiliation, contract or partnership in any way shape or form.

5.1. The AWARD is not responsible for obtaining or verifying any intellectual property rights relating to an Invention. It is the responsibility of the entrant(s) to secure protection for an Invention which is being entered before submission of the relevant Entry. Proof of any patents, design applications or registrations, trademark applications or registrations, other rights, permissions or applications should be referred to in the Entry.
5.2. The ownership of copyright in works submitted will be in accordance with the Copyright and Patent Act 1988, which implies the copyright rests with the author.

6.1. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall be deemed to limit or exclude the liability of any party for death or personal injury caused by that party’s negligence, fraud, or any other liability which cannot by law be validly limited or excluded.
6.2. Contest may be declared a non-contest and refunds may to all entrants, where there are less than 25 participants.

7.1. By submitting an Entry, entrants expressly authorise the AWARD to use personal data collected during the registration process for the purposes of administering the contest.

8.1. All entrants agree to take part in any publicity or promotional activity surrounding the AWARD and future awards.
8.2. Winners must agree to the publication of their name, images of their work, photograph, Country on our website and partner’s website or any publicity material produced.
8.3. Organisers and sponsors reserve the right to use images gathered in their marketing collateral and for promotional use in relation to the contest.

9.1. No responsibility can be accepted for circumstances outside the company’s control, including any third parties ability to supply the prizes as published.
9.2. No cash alternatives can be offered and Prizes are non transferable.
9.3. Cash Prize payments may incur bank commissions or fees and subject to local taxes.
9.4. Winners will be notified within 28 days of the closing date.
9.5. In the event that a selected winning entry cannot accept, receive or ineligible for the prize for any reason, the prize shall be awarded to the next highest rated entry from the top short-listed or remaining entries that meet the winning requirement.

10.1. By violating the rules set within these terms and condition, entrant or team will be disqualified from the contest without refund.
10.2. Joining the competition implies accepting rules and  service terms.
10.3. The Competition language is English and as such, all entries must be in English and under the Law of the United Kingdom.


The panel of judges will make decisions based on the following criteria:

• Interpretation or an original concept.
• Strength and conviction of solution.
• Coherence and use of the material.
• Aesthetics (nature, form, material and finish).
• Exploration of innovative approach in creating a new experience.
• Sustainability (culturally and economically).
• Clarity and quality.